How I Pin

Pinterest is an dichotomy. A place to collect inspiration – but also an end in itself. I don’t know how many evenings I’ve spent ‘pinning’, but, until this month, I could count on one hand the evenings I’ve spent actually using the information on Pinterest.

Then I had a revelatory idea. What if instead of naming boards things like “Sexy Men I’ll Never Meet”, “Outfits Assembled By Someone Else Consisting of Garments I Don’t Own”, and  “Recipes to Cook for My Husband Next Year When We Get Married” (I kid, I kid – sort of) what if I named boards after months, and I only allowed myself to re-pin pins that I actually tried that month?

Now my Pinterest use looks like is: I do still browse Pinterest, but I “like” interesting pins instead of repinning them. When I want to try something, I do, then I repin it to this month’s board, along with a personal comment. Now my Pinterest boards serve as a visual spread of things I’ve done. It’s easy to find pins I want to use again, and best of all, I’m actually cooking, sewing, crafting, and organizing instead of siting on my butt browsing the web endlessly. Problem solved.


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