Dressing Up

I am something of a bum. A makeup-skipper, a second-day-hair abuser, a sweatpants and knit maxi skirts and flip flops kind of girl. But I like to dress up. I bought these shoes for a Christmas dance in a few weeks and I can’t wait to wear them.

Everyone in TJ Maxx was staring when I paid for them (or so it felt). In my barefoot running shoes and obviously slept-in braid, it’s no wonder they wondered. They are nasty, flashy, Nicki Minaj shoes. But I am pairing them with a black dress from Goodwill and a bauble necklace and all together it makes me feel like a department store Christmas ornament.

That is what the holidays should be about. Not buying things to impress people or fit in, but buying things because you like them and they make you feel happy. Or not buying things at all, if that is your style.

My theology this season is to treat yourself and those you love, in small, silly, personal ways. With outrageous, counter-intuitive shoes or free perfume samples or a vintage copy of Mary Poppins or a new TV or a movie ticket or a McDonald’s Peppermint Mocha (surprisingly good, I have to admit) or an evening spent watching funny reruns.


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