How To Enjoy Vacation On the Cheap

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1. Try on silly Prada sunglasses at Saks 5th Avenue with sister. Stick with $5 drugstore shades.

2. Admire beautiful public fountain in mall.

3. Pet a piglet at the farmer’s market.

4. Pick up decorating tips from local cupcake shop. I’ve never seen cupcakes dipped halfway in sprinkles but it looks so chic.

5. Go to a brunch buffet and try everything.

Running is Belonging

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Running is belonging
To a secret weird club.
I pass other runners
On the sidewalk and they nod,
Initiation into a solitary gang of
Concrete trotters
Late-night endorphin junkies
Neon-shoed rock-music blare-ers
Quiet heaving breathers
Who hate standing still
More than they hate moving.

Christmas in Florida

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I went to Chicago last weekend, Wisconsin this weekend, and now I’m spending Christmas in Naples, Florida, with my immediate family. In my ten days here I have plans:

  • Learn to knit
  • Finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Write!
  • Get inspired for my wedding
  • Start running again
  • Enjoy uninterrupted time with my family
  • Shop for on-sale summer clothing for my Florida honeymoon next year
  • Have a Merry Christmas!

How are you spending the rest of December?

Wedding Dessert Buffet



I am considering making my own dessert buffet for my wedding. Originally I was going to hire a bakery to do this, but circumstances have changed and I am now considering what everyone tells brides to avoid: handling an aspect of my wedding on my own.

However, for my high school graduation I made my own dessert buffet and it was a success (pictured above). And honestly, dessert is the aspect of my wedding I care most about. I had it immediately planned the day after I got engaged. We shall see where the road leads, but once an idea like this has crept in its hard to ignore.