Repurposed Sweater Cowl

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Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!





Stop trying to love,

Let the love make its own

Winding path through you;

Sometimes it will feel near,

Kicking up dust that stings

Your eyes, dazzling, fast, incredible.

But then it will journey far,

Until it is a speck on the horizon,

And you will feel alone

On the road and without a guide.

Know, know the love

Is always in you;

Do not chase it.

Let it travel.

It always finds its way



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I befriended a girl from Palestine this week and it’s making me think. The world is huge. Iowa, the United States, and six hours spent in Mexico is the only portion of it I’ve have personally known. Now I’m getting married to a Midwesterner and moving to Wisconsin for…forever?

Most ‘girls like me’ (I hate to lump people into groups, but here I go: homeschooled, Midwestern, marrying young) don’t travel extensively. Don’t adventure. Maybe have a college degree. Definitely have babies and mad stain-removal skills and notoriety in their church and cloth diapers and a wheat-grinder. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But. Am I consciously choosing that life or am I falling into it? Will I regret waking up in ten years having never explored the planet, with a well-organized pantry and a growing brood and a burgeoning collection of vintage tea cups? Maybe that is what I want. But I want to make sure.

Because the more I learn about the world, the more is seems impossible to sequester myself in one little corner of it contentedly.

Six New Things I’ve Discovered This Week

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1) How To Be A Hepburn in A Hilton World is a great book. Highly recommended and easy to read.

2) Pumpkind seeds, dark chocolate chips, and dried cranberries make a delicious trail mix.

3) Jumping rope burns as many calories as running, but I don’t have to pay for a gym membership or a treadmill.

4) I’m not good enough, but I don’t have to be. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been a Christian for so long that I’ve forgotten the Gospel.

5) Tutoring is perspective-expanding. I’m a writing tutor this semester at the community college I attend and so far it has been wonderful.

6) Love sometimes means putting up with someone’s worst qualities without running away. I’m saying that because I nosedived into depression this week and received unconditional love in return.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Time Traveler

IMG_2103This is modern ‘translation’ of the famous poem ‘How Do I Love Thee?’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that I wrote a few years ago. It was more an exercise in helping me understand the original poem than an actual independent piece – maybe it will help you in understanding too. The photo is picture I snapped of an old night club in Chicago. If only clubs like this still existed.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Time Traveler

How do I love you? Let me spell it out.

I love you to the depth and width and height

My soul can stretch, when everything is perfect

And I know how limitless God and his grace are.

I love you in the crush of everyday,

From sunrise to lights out.

I love you with the freedom of God’s righteousness;

I you with the purity of true humility.

I love you with the passion

That was almost burnt out by my other pursuits,

And with the heart I had as a guileless child.

I love you with the love I almost thought taken

By growing up – I love you with my breathing lungs,

My smiling mouth, my crying eyes, forever!

And if you should die,

I shall only love you better after death.