My In-Progress Wedding Philosophy

My wedding is five months away. I have all the majors out of the way (phew!) and in this downtime I’ve compiled a list of things I think about weddings and what I’m attempting to tell myself about them. If you have any input, I want to hear it!

IMG_2452 (1)

1. A wedding is a party and a celebration. It should be fun. And…there will be other parties.

2. The most enjoyable thing about it, I think, will be gathering everyone I know and love together in one place. That may never happen again.

3. Wedding timelines and instructions tend to be so intense and cautious that they stifle the life out of things. Everything will be fine. Enlist everyone to help. Take the time to do what you enjoy. Be true to yourself. <– That was a horrible list of cliches.

4. If you are happy you will look beautiful. Don’t stress over your hair, nails, weight, etc. They will be what they will be. Try to look nice, but don’t drive it into the ground.

5. Determine what matters to you at your wedding – everything else ultimately doesn’t matter.

6. Money should be used wisely, keeping in mind that this is just one day. I’m trying to find the balance between “spending too much and regretting it” and “spending too little and regretting it”. There will still be a few regrets, but don’t worry about them for too long.

7. Be creative! This is an awesome opportunity to indulge your love for creating and party-planning. Take time to work on projects and enjoy them.


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