Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Time Traveler

IMG_2103This is modern ‘translation’ of the famous poem ‘How Do I Love Thee?’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that I wrote a few years ago. It was more an exercise in helping me understand the original poem than an actual independent piece – maybe it will help you in understanding too. The photo is picture I snapped of an old night club in Chicago. If only clubs like this still existed.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Time Traveler

How do I love you? Let me spell it out.

I love you to the depth and width and height

My soul can stretch, when everything is perfect

And I know how limitless God and his grace are.

I love you in the crush of everyday,

From sunrise to lights out.

I love you with the freedom of God’s righteousness;

I you with the purity of true humility.

I love you with the passion

That was almost burnt out by my other pursuits,

And with the heart I had as a guileless child.

I love you with the love I almost thought taken

By growing up – I love you with my breathing lungs,

My smiling mouth, my crying eyes, forever!

And if you should die,

I shall only love you better after death.


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