Photo on 2013-01-25 at 13.47 #3

I befriended a girl from Palestine this week and it’s making me think. The world is huge. Iowa, the United States, and six hours spent in Mexico is the only portion of it I’ve have personally known. Now I’m getting married to a Midwesterner and moving to Wisconsin for…forever?

Most ‘girls like me’ (I hate to lump people into groups, but here I go: homeschooled, Midwestern, marrying young) don’t travel extensively. Don’t adventure. Maybe have a college degree. Definitely have babies and mad stain-removal skills and notoriety in their church and cloth diapers and a wheat-grinder. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But. Am I consciously choosing that life or am I falling into it? Will I regret waking up in ten years having never explored the planet, with a well-organized pantry and a growing brood and a burgeoning collection of vintage tea cups? Maybe that is what I want. But I want to make sure.

Because the more I learn about the world, the more is seems impossible to sequester myself in one little corner of it contentedly.


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