Making Away

The wedding creativity continues. I am making decoupaged frames for my bridesmaids representing how I visualize their future weddings (I’m sure in some ways I’m grossly inaccurate, but imagining my own wedding wasn’t enough fun and I have bridal magazines in droves).

photo (36)I’m experimenting with pew decorations for the church. I really like this one, but it does undeniably look like a loofah.

photo (38)My invitations are almost completed. I found unopened Target invites at our Salvation Army; my dad and I printed them with our information; then I added card-stock sleeves with ribbon/photo accents. It hasn’t been too bad labor-wise and my expenses are ridiculously low.

photo (37)And lastly, I am attempting to get extra-healthy before the wedding. Hence, homemade protein bars (or, more accurately, protein pucks).

photo (39)





I am a girl with dreams

Both too tight and too big,

Like a firmly-laced corset

I cannot fill out.

I wear my dreams

Wide as Marie Antoinette’s skirts;

I get stuck in doorframes

With these inconvenient dreams.

Sometimes after I don my dreams

I wonder if I should go out in public,

So gaudy and conspicuous,

Screaming, “Look at me!”

With the size of my visions.

Girls around me are comfortable

In their worn-in, small-scale plans,

Their coordinated ambitions

And tasteful wishes.

They can breathe easily;

I am gasping.