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I am making my own wedding cake and cupcakes and the testing process has begun. I would not attempt to tackle this project if I hadn’t worked at a bakery for about six months, but that experience made me more confident and practiced. This is the only aspect of my wedding that I feel obsessive about; I want it to be just how I picture it. Plus, my fiance is allergic to wheat, so I can make just the top tier of the cake gluten-free without having to pay a ridiculous amount.

I think I want to frost the cupcakes as pictured above (this weekend was spent frosting cupcakes in myriad ways and those were the final product). The chocolate with green frosting will be chocolate mint, garnished with a mint leaf, and the vanilla with vanilla frosting will have some blackberry preserves added to the frosting. Green and purple are my colors, but I am really trying to incorporate them in a natural, appetizing way.

More pictures to follow as the process unfolds.



T-Shirt Blanket

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I made myself a t-shirt blanket as a sort of memory quilt before I move out of my house and get married. It’s composed of 20 12″ x 12″ squares cut from shirts (belonging to me, my family members, and my fiancee).

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The back is minky fabric because I don’t think just babies should get minky blankets. 

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I serged all the seams wrong sides together and doing so made this a snap to put together. Then I hand-tacked the back and front together at each square’s intersection instead of quilting the blanket.