Recipe Review: Gluten Free On a Shoestring’s Cream Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits


This weekend I discovered Nicole Hunn’s Gluten Free On a Shoestring blog and got super-inspired (like staying-up-until-midnight-on-my-computer inspired). Nicole was a laid-off lawyer who turned her gluten-free baking and cooking skills (developed because her son is a celiac) into a successful blog/cookbook enterprise.  Also, something funny: My boss unintentionally refers to celiacs as ‘Celtics’. As in, “He can’t eat wheat because he’s Celtic.” Do I correct her or not? Dilemma.

Anyway. Yesterday I made Nicole’s Cup4Cup DIY Flour Blend and used it in her Cream Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits.  I was able to find all the necessary ingredients for the flour at Woodman’s Grocery for relatively inexpensive. Fortunately, I already had a scale:


Making both the flour and the biscuits in one go was time-consuming, but the results were worth it. Zach and I enjoyed the biscuits, slathered in butter and honey, with homemade chicken soup, and again this morning as egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches.



Flour Blend:

Pros. Affordable ingredients (compared to premade gluten-free flour blends). Relatively easy-to-assemble. Combines xanthan gum with flour so that it doesn’t have to be added separately to recipes. Browns nicely and tastes good.

Cons. A lot ingredients, therefore a little fiddly. Not particularly nutritious.

Consensus. I will definitely use this as my go-to gluten-free flour (unless something better comes along). This is the first DIY gluten-free flour blend I have attempted, and I’m very pleased with the resulting product.


Pros. Flavor almost identical to canned biscuits (which I love). Light and flaky. Nicely browned. Quick to make. Keeps overnight well (I froze some but I haven’t tried them yet).

Cons. Right out of the oven, these were gummy. They had a far better texture after they’d come to room temperature. The recipe said to roll the dough to 1/4″ thickness, but that yielded a very thin biscuit. I’m going to roll thicker next time. The assembly was also a little fussy.

Consensus. These tasted scrumptious and if they keep in the freezer well (I see no reason why they wouldn’t) I plan on making them frequently.

Also – Zach and I put shelves above our sink last night!


And I bought a hanging flower basket. I’m beginning to feel at home in our little apartment – it’s been a month since we moved here as of Saturday.