Dinner with the Siblings: 07.18.13


My husband and I began having his younger siblings over for dinner on Thursdays and in the course of two weeks it’s already become a wonderful tradition. I bike home from work at 3:00 and lazily begin pulling together a meal that makes it to the table around 7:00. We watch YouTube videos, laugh loudly, and sit around the kitchen table until late, enjoying the fact that we have our own place and we can stay up as late as we want.


This week I made roast chicken from my current favorite cookbook, Fresh & Easy: What to Cook and How to Cook It. It was easy for how special-occasion-ish it looked. I keep accidentally telling my family about food-related books with suggestive titles. It started with the-later-renamed Confections of a Closet Master Baker (say it out loud). Somehow I missed the implications of Fresh and Easy. Now I think I will try to find similar titles on purpose.


Something I often do when serving a meal to my husband and a group of friends is make a wheat-free main dish and wheat sides….Zach eats just the main dish and everyone else gets a “complete” meal. I made biscuits and strawberry cake to go with this dinner, and Zach just loaded up on chicken and vegetables. As long as he gets some kind of meat, he’s fine, so everyone’s happy! Including me, picking streusel topping of this delicious cake.


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