Halloween + Harry Potter Party

DSC_0228Bellatrix (me), Dobby, and Professor Trelawney

I know everyone seems to have already moved on to Thanksgiving, if not Christmas, but I like to take the holidays at a slower pace and I’m still fondly reminiscing about the Halloween party we threw at our apartment this year. It was also a Harry Potter themed birthday party for a dear friend so everyone dressed up as their favorite Potter character. I was blown away by everyone’s creativity and dedication. Yes, we are all over the age of twenty.

DSC_0233Zach as Dumbledore


Some friends made their own wands, which was way beyond anything I would have attempted.


I did, however, help with the butterbeer.


We served veggies, chips, and chili dogs. Fancy!


 Oh, and mac n cheese. I apologize for the grossness of this picture.


 Fortunately, we had our own Harry.


 And a Remus and Mad-Eye.


 Oh and Ron and Hermione. We didn’t have any character repeats, fortunately!



 I made a red velvet cake and gluten-free pumpkin spice cupcakes.

Ah….now I’m ready for the upcoming holidays.


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