New Things to Try in 2014


Resolutions inevitably seem burdensome to me, so this year I decided to take a few new projects I’ve been wanting to tackle and assign them to 2014. Putting a deadline on my hobbies, I guess you could say. It seems more exciting than burdensome!

1)    Read two new books a month.

Although he does like to read, Zach prefers watching TV in his downtime, and since we’ve gotten married I’ve followed suit (reading a bunch for school doesn’t help motivate me either). However, I miss my books and want to be intentional about personal reading.

2)    Try (and file if I like) the recipes/projects I have pinned/clipped instead of gathering new inspiration.

Of course the joke that none of use the ideas we get from Pinterest has become so true it’s now cliché…but I am in real need of some inspiration decluttering.

3)    Run a ½ marathon in the fall.

This has been a goal of mine since I ran a seven mile race last summer. I’m not a great runner but I made friends with a girl who ran a ½ a few years ago and I’m hoping she’ll be my marathon buddy.

4)    Learn how to make candy.

Since I work at a bakery, I am often too burnt out on baking to pursue my own floury projects at home. However, I know next to nothing about candy-making and find it fascinating. It’s just different enough from baking to keep me from mistaking it for work.

5)    Post on my blog 2X per week.

I love blogging, but I don’t make it a priority and all too often school, work, marriage, and lounging around take precedence. Not this year!

What are your dreams/goals/ideas/thoughts about 2014?


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