Weekly Yoga Video Roundup


I try to practice yoga six or seven times per week. Some days I can only fit ten minutes in but I always feel better afterwards, regardless of the duration. Currently I don’t have the funds to pay for studio classes (hopefully soon!) so I’ve been enjoying various free yoga resources on the web. This is the first in a series of weekly video roundups with reviews – I hope it helps you in your search for great yoga resources. There’s nothing like having a video queued on your computer and a yoga mat spread out in a spare room to eliminate any excuses not to practice 😉 

Yoga Video Roundup Week #1 – Prenatal Yoga Videos 

Prenatal Yoga Routine | Lara Dutta (YouTube / 30 min.) 

This is a very well-produced video with a balanced, unique flow that I enjoyed. There are ads which get annoying – but they are skip-able. I felt relaxed, energized, and stretched after this practice.

Pregnancy Yoga: Episode One | Body Talk Daily (YouTube / 10 min.) 

If you’re pressed for time or want to squeeze in a little yoga before bed, this brief routine really opens your hips and helps you slow and center your breathing. Somewhat talky but great breath/movement-linking practice.

Free Yoga Class (Prenatal yoga class online) | Leslie Fightmaster (YouTube / 30 min.)

I liked this class but I didn’t love it. It helped me with my tight hamstrings but some of the moves weren’t really conducive to having a big (late second trimester/third trimester) baby bump. It would have been better advertised as a first trimester flow. There are more sun salutations in this practice, which felt good but may be too much for some women.

20-Minute Gentle Prenatal Yoga Class | OneUrbanYogini (YouTube / 20 min.) 

This is a great practice for later in your pregnancy or just before bed…it is, as the name implies, gentle, while still feeling effective.

Pregnancy Yoga: Episode Four | Body Talk Daily (YouTube / 10 min.)

Another episode in Body Talk Daily’s Pregnancy Yoga series, this short flow features some wonderful, unique hip-opening moves that feel really great if you’re struggling with any hip/sacral pain or tightness.

Prenatal Yoga Class Morning Flow | Yoga (YouTube / 20 min.)

While I loved the poses in this flow I felt that the class moved too quickly for the stretches to be as effective as they could. However, this is a good class if you are having trouble focusing and need something that will hold your attention without a lot of effort.

30 Minute Intermediate and Advanced Prenatal Yoga | Tamara Buschel (YouTube / 30 min.)

I would not recommend this video. The instructor is almost completely out of breath for the whole practice and can barely cue fast enough for her own movements, which I think is irresponsible even if you are targeting advanced yogis. The poses happen so quickly that it would be very easy to get lazy about your positioning or aggravate a joint, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. 


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