Book Review: Run Like A Mother


A friend lent me this book a couple weeks ago and I just finished it. It was a different sort of book and I’d never heard of it before – but I did like it and it was a quick read.

It’s different because it isn’t really a how-to book or a traditional fitness book; it doesn’t have any training plans, exercise illustrations, or nutritional guidelines. Instead, it reads more like a blog written by a couple of running moms. Running moms who write for publications like Runner’s World and Self, but moms none-the-less.

This attribute is the book’s greatest strength and weakness, I think. I personally benefitted from reading the confessions and stories of two moms who have made running a part of their daily lives. It’s inspiring and confidence-building to see exactly how other people make their exercise habit work in the nitty-gritty of everyday life.

I’m hoping to run either a half-marathon or marathon in September of 2015 at The North Face Endurance Challenge, an event where Zach volunteered as the on-site chiropractor this fall. So far the only races I have under my belt are two 5Ks and a 7-miler. This book helped reassure me that my goal is not totally unreasonable. It features a lot of quotes and input from running moms of all types as well as a chapter on the reality of running postpartum, both of which were particularly helpful to me.

Other chapters cover running clothes, music suggestions, trail running, cross-training, body image, and injuries, among other things. The authors offer their perspectives and backgrounds in these topics in a conversational and informal tone. I appreciated this and felt like I’d made new “runner friends” after reading this book.

However, for readers looking for fewer anecdotes and clever turns-of-phrase and more practical advice, this book could be a little frustrating (and sometimes the authors’ wordiness and awkward point-of-view switches frustrated me too). It’s not really written for beginning runners – more for runners who are looking for encouragement as they try to balance their parenting responsibilities with their running or get back into running after a break.

If that sounds like you, or if you’re a mom who’s just getting into running who has other resources for training plans and guidelines, I recommend this book as a quick, fun, and encouraging read. It’s written much like a magazine so it’s easy to skim and pick-and-choose if you don’t want to commit to reading all of it.


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