Workout Journal (Week of 12.14.14)

Sunday – TIU Total Body Bliss Routine 

I’m continuing with the Tone It Up workouts because, since the schedule is already laid out for me, it’s one less thing to think about. I felt pretty good about this workout – it was challenging, but I felt like I could handle it.

Monday – TIU Kettlebell Routine + 30 min. “Run”


I used a 10 lb. dumbbell for this workout because I don’t have a kettlebell. It was challenging, especially the pistol squats, which I’d never tried before. I’ve decided a few of my short(er) term fitness goals are:

  • 20 full pushups
  • 20 pistol squats (10 each leg)
  • Run a 5K in 27 minutes

This run (my third postpartum) was progress. I ran a full mile with no walking, which was a definite improvement on my previous two runs. I still feel pretty pathetic but I’m pushing through that. (Fireworks added to hide map 🙂 ).

Tuesday – TIU Ab Videos 

This is the Tone It Up week schedule I’m working from – I’m tired of doing individual links. Today I added 40 uneven squats to my daily routine, inspired by this video that contains exercises to do to work up to pistol squats.

Wednesday – TIU Yoga + Arms, 1.7 Mile Walk 

Yoga first thing in the morning felt great – I enjoyed walking outside again too.

Thursday – 2 Mile Run + 10 Min. TIU Thigh Video 


I felt like a badass today! Ran two miles and got into my running “zone” for the first time postpartum, then did 10 min. of thigh exercises plus my uneven squats. Actually feel like I can say I completed a “run” sans the “”.

Friday – 3 Mile Run + TIU Ab + Arm Workout

Ran three miles today with an average 11:10/mile! I’m psyched. I also did today’s TIU video plus my uneven squats and a new addition to my daily routine – pushups. I did one yesterday and I did two today. Planning on continuing by adding one a day. It was helpful to watch some YouTube videos about proper pushup form.

Saturday – Rest Day

Had some definite fitness breakthroughs this week. I feel excited about my goals and as if they’re actually possible – always a good feeling! My runs definitely gave me that “runner’s high” feeling I was missing. 


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