How to Create an Etsy Banner for Free Using


If you have an Etsy shop, you’ve probably tried making your own banner or purchased one from a graphic designer. With my Etsy shops (Mux Originals and Sweet Yogi Headbands), I’ve experimented with both methods and struggled with wanting to regularly give my storefront a fresh look without spending too much time or money. This is the easiest method I’ve found after much trial-and-error.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you in your Etsy journey – if you have any questions, let me know!

How to Create an Etsy Banner for Free Using is an awesome free photo editing website. You can pay for upgraded features but it’s really not necessary unless you plan to use it all the time.

Step 1: Open a photo in PicMonkey. You can use a photo of one of your products, but if you want a solid-colored banner, like the one shown above, any photo will work.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.03.22

Step 2: Resize your photo. Select the “Resize” option in the bottom left-hand corner, and enter the number 760 into the first box. Don’t worry about the number in the second box. Hit “Apply”.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.04.57

Step 3: Crop your photo. Select the “Crop” option in the upper left-hand corner, and enter the number 760 into the first box and the number 100 into the second box. Hit “apply”.  If you are using the photo you selected as the actual banner background (as opposed to a solid color) move the crop box around until it covers the portion of the photo you want in your banner. 

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.05.15

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.05.26

Step 4: Add a solid background (optional). To add a solid background, Select the butterfly icon on the left menu and open the “Geometric” option. Select a rectangle and it will be added to your picture. Using the pop-up Overlay box, change the colors to your liking and then resize the rectangle (using the handles on the corners of the shape) so that it completely covers your cropped photo. It’s okay if it’s bigger than your cropped photo.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.05.47

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.06.11

Step 5: Make it pretty! At this point, you can do whatever you want. You can add and customize different shapes from the butterfly menu options and you can also use geometric shapes to create borders and lines. I plan on creating further tutorials on more advanced ways to customize your banner. For now, I’m going to add a simple heart. Use the pop-up “Overlay” box to edit the shape.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.06.55

Step 6: Add your shop name. This is the most important part – putting your awesome shop name on your banner! Select the Tt option on the left menu to open the text options. Click “Add Text” at the top of the menu and play around with font, size, placement, and color (using the pop-up Text box) until you’re happy with the results.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.08.16

Trouble-shooting: Difficulty selecting the text box or overlay box? 

This will make more sense when you’re trying it, but if you use a big rectangle as a solid background (like my coral background above) you might struggle with being able to select the items “stacked” on top of it (like the heart or text) since the program will simply select the giant coral box. To solve this problem, simply move the background box out of the way temporarily, reposition/edit your overlays and text to your liking, and then return the background box to its original position.

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.08.34

Step 7: Save your banner! When you’re happy with your banner, select the “Save” option right above the photo and save your banner with the “Sean” photo quality option. You are now ready to upload your finished banner to your Etsy shop! Well done.

To inspire you, here’s a few more banners I created using this simple method:

banner 3

banner 2

banner 4

I plan on making more tutorials on this topic, including how to add a pre-existing logo to a banner, like the one for my Sweet Yogi shop. I love finding easy hacks to get around learning more about programs like PhotoShop. As much as I would like to do that eventually, I don’t currently have the time or money to invest in that skill – but I still need Etsy banners! If you’re in the same place, I hope you’ve benefited from this tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions.

PicMonkey Collage 1


Four of My Favorite Free Fitness Apps

picstitch (3)

Nike Training Club

This app has an incredible amount of free content – thank you, Nike! It features interval-style workouts for different fitness levels and goals. Each workout includes exercise instructions and how-to videos (extremely helpful), built-in interval timers, narration, and the option to play your own music. If you have this app it’s easy to perform high-intensity,challenging workouts at home with minimal equipment and little fitness experience.


The free version of this app performs the basic functions I’m looking for in a running app – it keeps track of my pace, route, and total distance run, as well as calories burnt. As much as I’d eventually like to buy a FitBit or GPS running watch, this does the trick in the meantime.


This app is a super simple timer perfect for interval/tabata workouts. What I like most about it is how loud the alarms are – easy to hear even over blasting music.


I really love this photo food journal app. As opposed to counting calories or macros, this app allows you to simply snap photos of what you eat, creating a visual sense of how much food you’re consuming. You can follow other users with similar goals/lifestyles and participate in challenges (“Drink x oz. of water per day”, “Workout abs everyday for a month”, etc.). You can follow me under username margeauxvittoria (as long as you promise not to judge me for my Christmas indulgences).

Yoga Video Roundup 2

My practice this past week has consisted of the three classes I teach + two wonderful videos by my new favorite teacher, Fiji McAlpine. Her prenatal yoga videos are the perfect mix of challenging and relaxing and her knowledge and experience are evident in her videos. I haven’t tried any of her non-prenatal videos yet but I’m excited to do so once my little one is born! Let me know if you try any of her other videos. 

Prenatal Modified Flow with Fiji McAlpine 

Prenatal Power Flow 

Weekly Yoga Video Roundup


I try to practice yoga six or seven times per week. Some days I can only fit ten minutes in but I always feel better afterwards, regardless of the duration. Currently I don’t have the funds to pay for studio classes (hopefully soon!) so I’ve been enjoying various free yoga resources on the web. This is the first in a series of weekly video roundups with reviews – I hope it helps you in your search for great yoga resources. There’s nothing like having a video queued on your computer and a yoga mat spread out in a spare room to eliminate any excuses not to practice 😉 

Yoga Video Roundup Week #1 – Prenatal Yoga Videos 

Prenatal Yoga Routine | Lara Dutta (YouTube / 30 min.) 

This is a very well-produced video with a balanced, unique flow that I enjoyed. There are ads which get annoying – but they are skip-able. I felt relaxed, energized, and stretched after this practice.

Pregnancy Yoga: Episode One | Body Talk Daily (YouTube / 10 min.) 

If you’re pressed for time or want to squeeze in a little yoga before bed, this brief routine really opens your hips and helps you slow and center your breathing. Somewhat talky but great breath/movement-linking practice.

Free Yoga Class (Prenatal yoga class online) | Leslie Fightmaster (YouTube / 30 min.)

I liked this class but I didn’t love it. It helped me with my tight hamstrings but some of the moves weren’t really conducive to having a big (late second trimester/third trimester) baby bump. It would have been better advertised as a first trimester flow. There are more sun salutations in this practice, which felt good but may be too much for some women.

20-Minute Gentle Prenatal Yoga Class | OneUrbanYogini (YouTube / 20 min.) 

This is a great practice for later in your pregnancy or just before bed…it is, as the name implies, gentle, while still feeling effective.

Pregnancy Yoga: Episode Four | Body Talk Daily (YouTube / 10 min.)

Another episode in Body Talk Daily’s Pregnancy Yoga series, this short flow features some wonderful, unique hip-opening moves that feel really great if you’re struggling with any hip/sacral pain or tightness.

Prenatal Yoga Class Morning Flow | Yoga (YouTube / 20 min.)

While I loved the poses in this flow I felt that the class moved too quickly for the stretches to be as effective as they could. However, this is a good class if you are having trouble focusing and need something that will hold your attention without a lot of effort.

30 Minute Intermediate and Advanced Prenatal Yoga | Tamara Buschel (YouTube / 30 min.)

I would not recommend this video. The instructor is almost completely out of breath for the whole practice and can barely cue fast enough for her own movements, which I think is irresponsible even if you are targeting advanced yogis. The poses happen so quickly that it would be very easy to get lazy about your positioning or aggravate a joint, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy.